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Ok, after many months of procrastination I am finally updating the blog. You know it just gets harder the longer you wait. It just gets bigger and bigger in your mind, but I'm finally tackling this giant. Where to start...I guess I started blogging about Oliver's birthday and I think I'll finish that post and post it on here in a bit. It seems like so much has happened and yet nothing at all has. I guess the biggest change is...I'm pregnant! As I'm sure the majority of you all know. We're having our second little boy in about 2 1/2 weeks ha ha. Yes, I'm REALLY pregnant. We haven't really taken many...by many I mean any pictures of the progress. I guess there is a couple of Oliver where you can see the belly...on second thought nope, there's not. You know it might just be more easy to just do it like this.

Tron: Has been working hard to support us. He's taken two classes this summer both of which he really liked. The last one just finished Friday. It was a week long of 8-5 everyday. Really hard on all of us, but he found it really rewarding. He is starting his last year of school this fall. He couldn't be more happy about it and is ready to be done.

Michelle: I am as I said pregnant. We're being induced on August 26th. I'm still a stay at home mom and loving it. It's so wonderful being able to watch Oliver grow on a daily basis. I am getting ready to tackle the task of sewing Oliver's bedding for his toddler bed. I just finished a quilting bee I was in. I just need to fix my machine. I'm very ready to not be pregnant, not sure how ready I am to have two little boys running around. ha ha

Oliver: Will be 20 months on the 18th. Has really curly hair. He talks up a storm. He loves bubbles and balls. He's super friendly still, but has started to cry a lot when he goes to nursery. Which everyone just loves. He loves babies so we are hoping he loves the baby that comes to stay :). We have gotten him a potty, but currently we aren't going at it very strong. So, he uses it as a stool to get onto things and a little seat. We'll start being more aggressive with it when he's 2 and as he settles with the baby.

New baby on the way: He is 36 weeks along currently and will be 37 weeks this Friday. He will be making his appearance as I said before on the 26th of this month. (he's due sept 2nd, but am being induced.) We are currently deciding between the name Henry and Jack. Ahern is going to be the middle name.

Us: We're moving on the 18th or 19th into low income housing. We'll have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a 2 car garage along with two little yards. We're excited and scared. It'll be a fun new adventure.

So, that's about all. Here are a few pictures of all of us mostly from photo booth because our card was way too full for way too long.


Happy Easter to the Arnolds!

This year was really fun. Oliver was getting for of a sense as to what to do. He looked very dapper in his little linen suit and the tie I made for him (I just made the tie not the suit). I bought a maxi dress for my Easter dress after talking to Em. So, on Saturday we went on an Easter egg hunt and got ice cream after. Oliver had so much fun and kept trying to shove the candy he got into his mouth without unwrapping it. He was also in love with the pinwheel they gave him. On Sunday we had a nice Easter Brunch with Tron's family. After that we went to church and after that we exchanged our Easter gifts. We got Tron some weights he's been wanting, Oliver crayons, coloring books, and a mr and mrs Potatohead set, and I got a pearl ring. Then it was off to my parents house for dinner. It was really fun. Oliver was getting a little grumpy in the afternoon as you'll be able to tell from the pictures. We then got gifts from my parents. Which were as always fun outdoor activities. Everyone went outside to play with them. It was a fun way to end the night.

And here are the pictures.

I'll do an update on what's been going on late


Merry Christmas!

This year was really fun! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family. (Tron's parents went to Georgia for Christmas). Anyhow, here are some pictures.